The afterthought….

By NaSa The other night, I watched a movie called ‘Firaaq.’ It’s a movie that portrays the lives of the 2002 Gujrat riot victims post the riots. Watching it made me feel hollow. It was the last feeling I had before going to bed ...Read More

Emotions vs. Emoticons

By NaSa We’re living in a world full of trust deficit. Either this ‘Kalyug’ has to be blamed or all of us – the ‘Kalyugions,’ for the lack of a better word or my lack of knowledge for the same. We’ve become cynical, which ...Read More

The Kerela diaries

By Priyata Singh (Featured image: Rahul Madaan) Day 1 Feb 16, 2016 Hyderabad-Kochi By Air- 10 K for 2 adults and infant. Round trip The day when I was going for vacationing after a long time for our second anniversary. Woke up with an ...Read More


By Garima Jham What is self-motivation? In simple words, it is an internal drive that helps us to achieve goals and continually gives us the strength to learn and grow without any external support, especially support from other people. It is quite easy to ...Read More

Surajkund Crafts Mela 2016

By NaSa The Surajkund crafts mela is organized every year in Surajkund, Haryana, near Delhi, by the Haryana Tourism Department to promote handicrafts. It was started in 1987 and has entered in the 30th year this year. Traditional craftsmen including sculptors, painters, artists, and ...Read More