Fill your mind canvas with these 5 Quotes today


By Garima Jham

You can expose yourself to new words of wisdom by reading motivational quotes. One should knock some time  off every day to read something motivational. If you’re not really fond of reading books, there are millions of alternatives available. It hardly takes ten minutes to browse through a motivational page on Instagram, quotes on pinterest, or inspirational articles on internet.It is also advisable to make a note of important words/quotes/thoughts in a diary , where you can seek guidance to boost your morale whenever required.I have a collection of  hundreds of quotes that connect with me in silence to help me expel  all negative thoughts.I’ve explained some of them in brief to help people have a better view of life.Hope this helps.

  1. “If you don’t learn to control your thoughts, you will never be able to control your behavior”

A good thought is a good friend. They say “The first thought you have in  the morning shapes  your entire day” and also “ The repetitive thoughts you have every day shape your entire life”. I agree with the fact that the messages neurons carry to the brain can be manipulated. Thinking is a skill and we think what we want to think. If you think a particular thought is having a negative impact on your life, replace it with a constructive thought. You can also help yourself by writing down a journal every day, or by taking some time alone to introspect  asking yourself these questions- “what should be the best  thoughts can help me in this tough situation”, or “how should I overcome this negative aspect of my life?”


  1. “On the other sides of your fears lives your best life”

Thinking about quitting your tedious sedentary  job to start something of your own? Or unsure   about your dysfunctional relationship with your partner,and the moment you think bout moving on ,you have a cold feet? The only thing that’s shutting you down is fear. Nothing is more exemplary than taking risks. The situation you’re  in today , whether good or bad, is temporary.You cannot expect yourself to grow or have an adventurous life by living in an ivory tower.

  1. “The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live”

You botch up your whole life when you overlook your deepest desires and sacrifice your purpose of living for the sake of general  good.Most of us are living shallow lives with a wretched heart.We need to remind ourselves that each of us deserves to be happy,  and to be happy we need to  realize our passion. You need to brace up every opportunity that comes your way and if you really want to achieve something,you must explore all avenues.

  1. “Take a second to think about how blessed you are”

If at this moment, you’re reading this article, it means you’re well educated to grasp the meaning of his write up. Moreover, you must be having your laptop or your mobile to open up this website.Now if you look at the broader perspective, you are blessed  in  abundance  to have all the basic facilities you need in life. Most of us are full of greed ,greed for more luxuries, greed for more fame, greed for more love.We all need to learn to  live within our means  We fail to express our gratitude to our  family, to our partner , to our bosses, to our friends, and of course to  the almighty .So take a minute every morning to thank your God for giving you this amazing life.

  1. “Love is the greatest gift that God has given us. It’s free”

Man is a social animal and to have an enjoyable living we need love.No matter  how much we deny, but the feeling of being unloved is frightful.We all need a set of people with whom we can  share our happiness and struggles because  no scads of money or  luxury  can give us  the amount  of solace we can get by sharing the love.  Don’t ever think that love is something mediocre in life.In the barrenness of a busy life, don’t forget to prioritize your loved ones to create a balanced life. For lasting relationships , don’t wait for a special occasion to manifest your love  because today is the time to thank them for their efforts and support.

Just remember everyday to   be a little better, love a little better, live a little better.


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