Winning entry by Akshaya Padmakrishnan in the age group 13-15

Akshaya PadamMy Role and Responsibilities During Lockdown.

Empty streets, lonely roads, chirping birds, wandering dogs is the current scenario now.  Knowing the benefits of lockdown and the pandemic situation effects. It’s my role and responsibilities to respect and cooperate with the bold step taken by our Indian Government , to shut down completely. Even highly developed countries like the US, Australia, didn’t dared to lockdown the whole country at once. But we….Indians did that as our only Moto is to protect our people. I’m missing my loved ones badly who are working on frontline in different parts of our country. I pray for their safe and healthy comeback. My cousins who are Doctors, who are in Army, my brother and Uncles in police force , bureaucrats are working there just to keep us safe.  My mom and her colleagues who are working daily to provide us to meet our basic needs. There are many people working on the frontline just to save us.
Why are we worrying…..?
Everything is not locked down.
Sunrise is not locked down.
Family time is locked down.
Creativity is not locked down.
Friendship is not locked down.
Finally Prayers and our hopes are not locked down.

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  1. August 6, 2020

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