Kids could surprise you with their answers!!

during sleep cycle REM sleep, followed by non REM sleep.REM sleep is called rapid eye movement sleep,it has mainly dreams, there is eye movement, heart rate varies,respiratory rate also varies and may have expressions.these dreams are usually not remembered. Non REM sleep is deep ...Read More

How to reduce cartoon timings of kids

Hi Vimmy! this cartoon watching of kids is a serious problem that all the moms face specially in vacations. I think its solution lies in finding its alternative. Kids find cartoons very interesting and engaging. We have to give kids something equally interesting, engaging ...Read More

Does your child know he is fortunate enough?

Wrap your child’s old clothes, toys, accessories in front of him or her but dont answer his/her questions like mumma why are you wrapping my favorite t-shirt and then take your child to orphanage and tell him to unwrap his belongings ….After that, I ...Read More

Does your child know he is fortunate enough?

Both of us, as parents, keep telling our children on every possible situation.  But, yes, I do understand that actions speak louder than words.  So what we have decided now is to take them to the world of underprivileged.  I recently happened to meet ...Read More

Does your child know he is fortunate enough?

Its really important to tell the child what right or wrong has he/she done. Appreciating by the way of clapping, kissing, patting are all the ways to cheer them up and motivate to repeat that good gesture. At the same time, scolding, time-outs, and oral ...Read More

What’s the style quotient of your kid?

My daughter, extremely cautious about her looks (she is just 3.5 years, to be noted), would not allow anybody to choose from her wardrobe, as she is old enough to select her outfit (we have to admit it now that she is no more a ...Read More