A tiny story of triumph….

By NaSa

A tiny story of triumph….What does an act of bravery require? Weapons, muscle strength, courage, focus, intelligence, resolution, technique or….it simply needs a mother’s heart. And a mother is a mother across cultures, countries, and even species. There’s nothing more awe-inspiring when you see something like what’s written below happening before your eyes.
….All the flowers and plants in those florid flower pots were pulled out and the soil was lying mussed up on the floor that, otherwise, up until now would look beautiful with those. As much as the scene was messy, the cause of the mess was cute. It all happened because of a cute little kitten.

It wasn’t his naughtiness, though. It was his smell that made the dogs of that street go wild after him. The mother cat took his little one and hid right in the deepest spot of a pot. And this smarts of hers, if not averted the danger, arranged for mama cat’s help.

Luckily Mr. Khandelwal, whose balcony was the place of action, came out and after much struggle successfully shooed away the hounds. His daughter, Kirti, went near the pot to take the kitten out and shift it to some safe place. Because, obviously Mr. Khandelwal’s family or anyone else too couldn’t stand guard for the mother-kid duo the whole time.

But Mama Cat wasn’t in the mood to take any chance. (As it is, if any time any rating of trustworthiness happens, a human being would not figure anywhere on the list or in the best-case scenario would be listed last.) So, mama cat growled at Kirti and the thus-far-confidant-now-terrified soul stepped back. Mr. Khandelwal and family and all others who had gathered to see the drama after the noises of vociferous barking and meowing went back to their usual business. After around 15 minutes, Mama Cat came out and after being sure of her kitten’s safety picked him up by the scruff of his neck and moved on in search of a safe place….

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