Air pollution knows NO boundaries

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By Ujjwala Thukral:

If you are reading this article, it can only mean one thing: you are keen on knowing more about the culprits of air-pollution or you’ve stumbled across a review on an air purifier. I really appreciate your self-awareness and cheerful readiness to investigate about air-pollution.

 In this article, I would call your attention to the fact that there is more pollution while driving a car than walking on the street.

While reading a news article on the quality of air inside cars, I could not actually believe what I was reading. What kept circling my mind was, “How could the car-indoor air quality be worse than the air around the cyclists and pedestrians? The interior of my car always seemed like a safe haven; how could the reality be entirely opposite?”

Just like many of you, the term “indoor air quality” wasn’t on my radar; I was always concerned about outdoor air pollution. However, after watching NBC News Video (, I understood what factors ruin the indoor air quality in cars. The video carried the confirmation of the facts that I was reading about “in-car air pollution.”

Passengers in cars and taxis are being exposed to air pollution up to 15 times greater than cyclists and pedestrians on busy city streets. Travelling inside a vehicle could be much worse than cycling by the kerb or walking on the pavement because emissions are highest in the centre of the carriageway, where vehicles suck in dirty air from those in front, scientists say. Air pollutants, such as black carbon, nitrogen dioxide and the toxic leftovers of inefficiently burnt fuel, were highest in the middle of a carriageway and in the first two to three feet above the road, dropping off nearer to the kerb and pavement.

When you are in a vehicle, you are right in the middle of the source of the pollution. Vehicles close together suck in each other’s emissions. The air intakes are in the engine compartment close to road level, so they pick up the fumes emitted by the vehicle in front of them. Open windows are another route.

So now you understand how dirty air becomes trapped in cars and taxis, whereas cyclists and pedestrians have a constant ‘flow of air’ breezing in from all directions around them.

I know it is not easy to eliminate outdoor air pollution, but indoor air pollution is one risk that you can definitely do something about. Moreover, it is an easy-to-understand topic. I browsed internet and compared various car air-purifiers. Personally, I found Crusaders car air-purifier CF-88 to be an ideal Health-Mate inside my car. It not just knockouts smoke, dust and stuffiness from the car but also combats the dangers posed by exposure to VOCs, PBDEs and phthalates (the mysterious, ubiquitous, and hard-to-spell chemical compounds present in your car).

To conclude it all, I would say “Breathe Better so that you Live Better.”

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