At my wit’s end..

By NeSheart 2671882 1280

It doesn’t happen suddenly.
takes a considerable chunk of life
for a relationship to reap
for togetherness to cement
for a bond to deepen
for love to seep.

Slowly the differences dissolve,
as if they were ever none.
Gradually, the spaces vanish
till their universes become one.

They can’t resist the sight of each other.
They can’t resist the sound, the scent of each other,
and the sheer fun of sharing.
care originate organically.

Completeness seems very much in the frame.
Egos remain very much in tame.
Two remain only name.
And the ‘happy ever after’ is an achieved aim.

But not all stories end in a fairy tale.
Some have a painful trail,
are listless and frail.

They don’t, too, happen suddenly.
Take a considerable chunk of life
for a relationship to veer
for togetherness to drear
for a bond to wear
for love to turn queer.

Slowly the differences surface
as if they were there right before your eyes
only you failed to hold them onto your sight.
United universe of two people divide
as they both pull opposite and wide.

Their talks turn phoney,
arguments cacaphonous.

Sharing doesn’t gratify
Fun itself passify.
Expectations incline.
Egos intertwine
It all seems a loud outpour
without a restraint or a shore.

Incompleteness and hollowness prevail
growing animosity is another tale.

Is it really two people it take?
Who break or make?
Or is it luck that runs the show?
Or do intentions figure up high?
Besides, the strength of a vow?
Or, something else…..

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