Ayaan Sharma’s Favorite Game During the Lockdown

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During this lockdown period things are very tough. So games make things really easy for kids. Games of my interest are many, but I am allowed to tell only one, that is my PS4. There are three games in it but my favourite one is Marvel’s Spider -Man). There are two more but my interest  was in it. You know that every child likes playing with gadgets. Stealth, arial, grounded etc type of challenges are there. 35 missions are there, 3 types of skill trees, 4 types of Taskmaster challenges and so on are there in Spider-Man PS4. It is famous for its crimes and free roam.Olmost every single child has watched the movie SPIDER-MAN 1,2,3.  But it’s not based on these movies. Only one character  from the movie – THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 has the role in it . That’s ELECTRO!  A very electricity insulated villain character. So this is the end of my budding contest essay, hope you enjoyed it, Bye!

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