Buy Experiences, Not Things


By Partha Choudhury

Have you ever thought, the latest smartphone in the market has all the exciting features one needs, and buying it will exhilarate you? You do not care about the fact that, the gadget is overpriced, because the company has come up with a tricky EMI scheme, which makes you believe that it’s affordable. You never realize that you don’t need that stuff in the first place. Things look more enticing until they’re acquired, and here it’s no exception. The moment you have bought it, all the excitement of having it starts fading away. And in no time, the gadget looks outdated, and you start searching for a new one with updated features.

Its a never ending process. We easily get bored with the stuff we have, and wish for the ones we don’t. And it’s not limited to smartphones only, the same applies to other electronic gadgets, outfits, and household appliances. Trust me, it takes your piece of mind away, and leaves you unsatisfied and restless. You continue to buy stuff at exorbitant prices for some unjustified reason. The problem is we can’t able to clearly distinguish two simple things – our needs and wants. The moment we understand it, half of the problems are vanished. So what is the solution?

Dematerialisation. Yes, you read that rightly. You need to dematerialize, you need to set yourself free of physical substances which you don’t need in the first place. Happiness and satisfaction can never be achieved from any material acquisition. The sooner you realize it, the better your life will be. Spend somewhere else which can add true value to your life and make you happy.

Buy Experiences. Buy a trip to a nearby hill station, a beautiful beach, or a small city you never visited before. Take few days out of your busy schedule and go away. See new places, meet new people, interact with them. Most importantly, stay away from electronic gadgets – like mobile, laptop. Carrying a handy cam and an iPod is fine. Its okay to not reply to your business emails for few days, its okay to detach yourself from internet and social media for some time. Sometimes all you need is complete radio silence. You will find the true peace of mind.

You will know something which you never discovered earlier – yourself. Yes, when we travel, we not only meet with new places, we also meet our new self. Prefer to be a solo traveler at times – you will wake up to many new things about yourself which were undiscovered before . And I bet, you may regret buying a gadget, but you would never regret an adventurous trip. And its a lifelong experience you will cherish. Take few pics for your memories, not for uploading on Facebook or Instagram. They will be with you forever, and remind you of the places and the beautiful experience, and will give you a story to share with your kids.

So dear folks, be a wise spender this year – spend money on buying experience, not things. Because, the former lasts longer.

Happy Adventuring!

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