The Summer Camp Dilemma…

  By NaSa Recently, there was a message in circulation on WhatsApp about summer camps that questioned the utility of the same. I put here some excerpts from that message ‘why can’t a kid sleep a bit extra, play with his friends in his ...Read More

Parenthood and you….

By NaSa In the movie ‘Shaadi ke side effects’ and many other such movies and real life situations you might have seen child rearing from the perspective of a mother and a father individually.  Many a times a small, simple thing as what clothes ...Read More

Acceptance – a way of life

By Anupam Malhotra Have you ever thought why your child does not open up with you? Why your closest friends hide their feelings from you? Why the little sudden rain shower or sunshine makes you frown? The answer lies in our long awaited introspection. ...Read More