Desi Madame Tussauds

By NaSa Recently, I went to Lonavala in off season which is why I missed the youthful, scenic beauty of nature there. However, what I discovered was equally or more special – nature’s miracle in the form of an artist, Sunilkandalloor. Sunil is someone ...Read More

Sneha’s game of blogs

I remember Sneha’s instant three words with which she reacted when I first approached her for this interview and they were, “Are you serious?” she further added, “who am I? I am just another girl like you.” What she said wasn’t wrong but incomplete, ...Read More

Story of a ‘timid little guy from Odisha’

Guftagoo feels privileged to have crossed paths with the talented writer Prakash Guru, who’s a pharmacist by education and a banker by profession. Interesting already, isn’t it? The words ‘Prakash’ and ‘Guru’ literally means light and master respectively. And just like his name, Guru ...Read More