A Faceless Story

By Procheta Banerjee Chatterji That day when I reached home, he was back to his self. After days of spending numerous intimate moments together, he was again standing on the other side. I was familiar with those words, with that tone. I had heard ...Read More

The Window: A Thought

By Procheta Banerji Chatterjee There is something about unmaintained things. They have an inexplicable charm that pulls you towards them despite the not-so-attractive surface. Take old buildings, for example. It transports one to times when outer polish did not matter, when things had a ...Read More

Reel vs. Real Shivay

By NaSa I, Watched Shivay, Today. And the movie makes as much sense as my poetry. Why I watched it? Because being a movie buff I had to. It had been long since I watched a movie at a theater. Generally speaking, currently the ...Read More