A Faceless Story

By Procheta Banerjee Chatterji That day when I reached home, he was back to his self. After days of spending numerous intimate moments together, he was again standing on the other side. I was familiar with those words, with that tone. I had heard ...Read More

One of My Most Memorable Journeys

By Vijay Gandhi Just after cross-checking the confirmed train tickets with the chart available at the platform, I was quite happy that finally within few hours I would be at His Majesty’s (Sai Baba’s) place, Shirdi. This was the second time that I was ...Read More

The Window: A Thought

By Procheta Banerji Chatterjee There is something about unmaintained things. They have an inexplicable charm that pulls you towards them despite the not-so-attractive surface. Take old buildings, for example. It transports one to times when outer polish did not matter, when things had a ...Read More

Titanic was meant to sink

By NaSa I saw the movie ‘Titanic’ for the first time when I was in school in class XI or XII. I am not sure. I saw Titanic the movie first and then read about it in my English textbook. So, not much about ...Read More

Reel vs. Real Shivay

By NaSa I, Watched Shivay, Today. And the movie makes as much sense as my poetry. Why I watched it? Because being a movie buff I had to. It had been long since I watched a movie at a theater. Generally speaking, currently the ...Read More

5 signs he’s the one for you

By Garima Jham Is he the one for you? Well, this won’t be a baffling question anymore. You started as friends and landed up in long term commitment. There are certain attributes a man displays when he’s completely smitten, that may or may not ...Read More