At my wit’s end..

By NeS It doesn’t happen suddenly. takes a considerable chunk of life for a relationship to reap for togetherness to cement for a bond to deepen for love to seep. Slowly the differences dissolve, as if they were ever none. Gradually, the spaces vanish ...Read More

Story of a lucky stone..

Little Ayaan has found a pebble. Correction. Not an ordinary pebble, a lucky stone. He wants to keep it close to him always, take him wherever he goes and want to avoid all the unnecessary attention around it, lest someone might just try to ...Read More

The Bitchy Night…

By NaSa This night still scares me. Not with its darkness no way, but with the period that it puts against the day. It doesn’t scare me no more with nightmares. But it does with my unfulfilled prayers. It is in its silence that ...Read More

Let the Silence Speak…

–By Procheta Banerjee Chatterjee— As I sit beside the crimson curtains to write about us, All I can gather is silence. The silence that is born out of the realization, that the beauty of a word lies in its absence. The moon embraces the ...Read More

The Bleeding Shikaras

By Abdul Kuddus Return to spells of peaceful slumbers…. When the lakes kissed the shikaras in numbers. Ears sing to the rhythm of gunshots… As two landmass fight for scenic spots. Corpses litter the ground in white drapes…. And our miseries end as videotapes. ...Read More