Stress in Teens

By NaSa Playing, they say, is a therapy, bliss, fun and most importantly, a stress buster. When did it start being a reason for stress? Allow me to discuss by comparing the story of two teens – one from the past, one from the ...Read More

A Quick Bite – Children of Earth

By NaSa When you’re a mom, your role in your child’s life doesn’t seem to end anywhere. Moms must have heard and felt that in parts they work as a maid, nurse, teacher, chef, counsellor and what not. But today, I realised what I ...Read More

Women Empowerment

By Vijay Gandhi Women face many social challenges at present, whether it is dealing with domestic issues or with work related issues. A woman tries to secure an income for her family and sometimes, she even raises children amidst the harsh economic crisis. She ...Read More

Indian Democracy & Diversity

By NaSa India, the world’s largest democracy, has just turned 70. In these 70 years, this democracy has changed beyond recognition from what she was in her baby years. But change in something can only be called constructive one if it doesn’t let its ...Read More


By Garima Jham What is self-motivation? In simple words, it is an internal drive that helps us to achieve goals and continually gives us the strength   to learn and grow without any external support, especially support from other people. It is quite easy to ...Read More