A tiny story of triumph….

By NaSa What does an act of bravery require? Weapons, muscle strength, courage, focus, intelligence, resolution, technique or….it simply needs a mother’s heart. And a mother is a mother across cultures, countries, and even species. There’s nothing more awe-inspiring when you see something like ...Read More

Story for web

Story for web The first episode opens with Rawab getting down from a car with his parents and wife. They all seem a well bonded family. It’s a book launch session. Rawab gets a call from an aged man. He’s apologizing. Rawab says, “dad, ...Read More

A story of hope and charity

Diya S. Mana Do you do Charity? If yes, what does it mean to you – a chance to brighten up lives or just an act of redemption? Rakshanda is a teacher at JVN International School, an esteemed school in her area. She figures ...Read More