Give back to society and become happier

It is a well known fact that giving back to the society not only makes us happier but healthier as well. We feel good; it is absolutely a tried and tested path to live a healthier life. We may get rid of depression too. We become happy when we see an under-privileged child or person, who gets some donation or gifts from us, smile pleasingly. This infectious smile not only comes back to us but it has a great potential to create ripple effects.

We may not immediately recognize or know in what way giving back to society will help us, but we will create positive vibes around us that will impact society at large. We may suddenly feel ourselves surrounded with loving and caring people. Others may observe our work and follow footsteps. Thus, small efforts can create significant impact. It adds meaning to life and can potentially boost our identity as a good person. People recognize our acts, so we get more inspiration to grow and become a better person.

Here comes the billion dollar question, “How to give back to our society?” There are several simple ways. Either form a Non-Government Organization (NGO) or get connected with such good organization which really believes in helping the needy citizens. People will be overwhelmed by our generosity and we will find new like-minded friends in our life.

If one cannot donate well enough, he/she can volunteer to collect funds for charitable purposes. Such activity can boost confidence. We will suddenly start loving everything around us. People will feel the impact of our work and would like to get associated with us. There have been several instances, where someone started alone but within a year got connected with hundreds of citizens who love and care for the society.

Some people in the main-stream media or social media are busy spreading hatred, but if we go against this trend, spread love and smile, then one day our deeds will be appreciated and we will become talk of the town. It is not just money that can be donated. People can donate stuff that they don’t need any more in their office or things that aren’t of any use at home. We can remove all clutter from our room by donating things that are in good shape and can be used further by an underprivileged person. Donating knowledgeable / inspirational books to needy children can shape up their career and when they grow up, lead a successful career, they may love you more.

A Good Samaritan often gets involved in random acts of kindness. We may pay medical bill of some needy person, donate blood or pledge to donate our organs, gift our seat to a sick lady standing in a bus, or clean the municipal garden at least once a while. We may even help an aged person cross a busy road, of course, only when he wants to. No matter whether we donate regularly or randomly but we must volunteer on our own. Donating in temple, church or mosque is good but donating directly to the needy is even better.

We may donate to a charitable organization. Sometimes we get don’t get novel ideas, what to donate, when or where to donate. It is often better to voluntarily offer giving donation to a friend’s or a family member’s favorite charitable organization in his or her name specifically on that person’s birthday or anniversary. This act will definitely win laurels. We may donate not only on festive occasions but during the hour of crisis too. Several people have silently donated

to hospitals, old-age homes without making a fuss or news during Covid-19 peak days and some others continue to do so without expecting anything in return. Clothes, essential medicines, equipments, oxygen supplies, food were much sought after during lockdown and many Indian celebrities, ordinary citizens have contributed for social / noble cause. So now what are you waiting for? Go ahead and do your bit this year. Contribute and see every Indian prosper!

Vijay Gandhi

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