GoodBye Girl by Sheeja Jose

A review by Tamanna Tripathi

“I am going to open a real world, scarier than fiction.”

The ruthless desecration of JUSTICE is what happens in the life of the lead character, ‘a 15-year old girl’, in Goodbye Girl, the first novel of the Indian author Sheeja Jose. It is the story of suffering – vandalism of innocence by the wealthy and powerful through the covert games they play.

The novel articulates the story of a teenage girl whose innocence is brutally murdered by the rich. This girl comes back from the dead just like a phoenix and makes the life hell for all those who murdered her childhood and made her suffer. I thoroughly enjoyed the title given to each chapter, and author has wonderfully managed the flow of events, defining the past and the present side-by-side. General mechanics of the book bind you to read more and find out, ‘Hey, what’s next?’ This ‘question mark’ at the end of each chapter creates curiosity among the readers and for which one would keep reading it to find out – What’s the climax?

So, a thorough justice has been done to the thriller novel as any reader will not be able to leave the novel in the middle. You will keep turning pages to find out what’s more.The book is well-written. Each time the action picked up in the novel, I found my heartbeats racing, eyes aggressively seeking for more in each word, and hands reaching my mouth inevitably. It’s absolutely a thriller, in each sense, and a must read.




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