Growing Up 2gether: Rajveer n Mushroom


By Priyata Singh

October 11, 2014, I remember this date so clearly because I got to know that I am going to be a mum soon. When I go in retrospect it’s just not the date I remember I can recollect the sequence of events happened that day followed by our unbound happiness, just like happens in flashback in films. Oh god still so fresh…how Sanjeev had a mixed bag of feelings, happy but still bit bewildered. For some time we both just laughed for no reason, technically a reason but still no reason. Immediately picked up the phone to share it with both my mothers and sisters. So that was October 11..more than senior AB’s birthday. With each passing day of my pregnancy I think I had two best is obviously my husband, he did his best that too successfully to keep his pregnant wife always very very happy and second my dog Mushroom. I never ever felt alone in those 40 weeks of big belly even when Sanjeev was out for few days to complete his official engagements. In fact Mushroom was the reason I went for my walks in the mornings and evenings until I go to the hospital. She was always by my side just like an elser taking care yet so childish. I wish to have many more pets for their way of giving unconditional love and care.

After those 40 weeks..oh sorry 41 weeks..on June 22, 2015 my son came into our lives and after necessary post natal care in hospital I returned home on June 25. As Mushroom did not see me for quite some days so she came running and then she followed me all the time. As Rajveer, my son, fondly known as Veer, has seen Mushroom from Day 1, (in and out of my womb) so he seems to be quite comfortable with him. But Mushroom was not very welcoming initially, she was so insecure whenever I was holding Veer that she made it a point to scratch me. And she started demanding for untimely belly rub and pampering. She made sure that she sits super close to me as if we both have been “feviquicked” together whenever I am spending time with Veer.

I have read and heard initially dogs are not very pally with new born babies but gradually they become best of the buddies. My 5 months old little one is always happy to see Mushroom around, he pulls her ear, puts his hand in her mouth and grins and laughs whenever she flutters her ears and moves her neck. It’s a scene to be captured and I have done that. Veer is so attracted to Mushroom’s always wagging tail that his eyes follow her wherever she moves. Mushroom is also getting accustom to Veer and enjoying his company slowly. I can feel and see that feeling of insecurity is drifting apart and compassion and love is walking in between them. If I am not around and Veer is crying, Mushroom makes sure that she goes and attend him, though she is unable to stop him from crying but yes she goes. And I have also noticed that if Veer is asleep and she gets to hear that ‘baby crying’ thing from somewhere she gets attentive and goes and check on Veer if he is the one who is making that sound. That’s cute. There are many more typically “ahw” moments of growing up a pet and baby together. And you can only experience them once you have a pet. It’s an experience for sure.

I hope the companionship between the both gets better only. Mushroom is going to be the best buddy Veer can ever have. Though Mushroom is already going be three soon but I have to give her proper attention because dogs do feel aloof and alone if you give more care to the little one. It is just like having a sibling. Any kid would take time to accept that I have another one to share my love and care other than toys, books, and clothes. Recently I read a beautiful quote, which is the mantra for every mother out there. It says:

Motherhood is not a competition to see who has the smartest kids, the cleanest home, the healthiest dinners, the nicest clothes…Motherhood is your journey with your children.”

And I think my journey of raising both my kids is just going to be pure awesome, enriching and blissful. Sharing some beautiful moments captured in these 5 months of raising both my kids.




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