JIMMY – the Stray Dog


by NaSa

There are some people who have pet dogs. They love their dogs care for them. And then, there are some people whose lives revolve around their 4-5 pet dogs. If not many, I at least know one such person. She is a very good friend of mine but honestly speaking I couldn’t understand her sentiments completely, until I myself experienced a dog’s love and selflessness.

I don’t have a pet myself but we’ve some stray dogs in our society upon which there happens arguments and cold wars on and off. There are a few people in our society who are in favour of keeping stray dogs; one of them even gave some of the dogs doses of vaccines. However, the majority of the society want these dogs be shooed away. I have always been undecided on that but more inclined towards the majority. Until, that day when Jimmy helped me out.

Jimmy is a black stray dog who’s named by kids in our society. He’s more popular than other of his dog friends and he has reasons of popularity that I understood later. That day what happened was, my four-years-old boy was playing with his friends and he has this bad habit of removing his shoes every now and then. So at that time also he removed his shoes and sat on the wooden swing kept in the parking area of Mrs. Sharma. This swing is favourite amongst kids and Mrs. Sharma is also a generous lady who is fond of kids. She likes it when kids play on the swing, and kids play a lot on it. While the kids were playing a dog came and took away my son’s shoe. All the kids started shouting and running after him (more out of fun, obviously) and that made the dog ran even more far away. Suddenly what happened was, Jimmy came from nowhere, ran after the dog and brought back my son’s shoe. I was so overwhelmed. He did it because he knows us and probably once I gave him chapatti to eat. Prior to this incident, I had only listened to the stories of a dog’s loyalty. This is about his being loyal.

Recently, I also got to know about his intelligence being an untrained, street dog that he is. A couple of days back, I was buying fruits from the fruit seller who regularly sells his fruits in our society. Jimmy came and started waving his tail, expecting some food from me. Since I stay at the second floor it wasn’t possible for me to give him food right away. So I indicated him to wait and said ‘wait till I finish buying fruits and once I am done with it, come with me upstairs I’ll give you a chapatti.’ I literally uttered it on which the fruit seller and I laughed mocking how a dog would be able to understand it. This is the reason I laughed. The fruit seller would have laughed thinking of me as a dumb person who expects a dog to understand words. But to our surprise he waited for those 5-7minutes till I was busy and then that followed me upstairs. Upon reaching, I gave him a chapatti and closed the door saying go once you have it. And he went away after having it. He might have found something else to eat or listened to some dog’s howling and ran away but I like to believe that he understood what I told him.

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