Community housing societies or freehold housing, which is better for children?


I am the mom of a 4.6 years old child. Last year we shifted to our own house in a society. Earlier we used to live in a freehold house. At that time my son was 3. He didn’t have any company in the neighbourhood. I had to take him to a friend’s place or a mall in the evening. Park was there but not very close by. Sometimes I would take him to the park as well. But overall, a lot of energy of mine would be drained out in entertaining him. But now that I live in one, I feel a society or an urban community housing has a lot many advantages over living in a freehold house. It’s safer as children need not to worry about traffic on the roads. Mothers don’t need to take out time specially to take the children to the park. Now my child has got his own group and children learn a lot from playing with their peer group. They know how to adjust with their friends and deal with situations.
Earlier I had to play with my kid, though I do it even now, but children like playing with kids better than playing with adults. Obviously, everyone likes and needs their own company. Do you agree or differ?


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