Does your child know he is fortunate enough?


It’s important to guide your child after he commits a mistake, it makes him prudent. Expressing your love for your child is also no less important, it makes him feel confident and safe. However, it’s no lesser important to make your child realize how fortunate he is to have a caring set of parents, loving grandparents, food in plenty and of choice, a home with a room of his own, good health and access to education. How many of us do that and how? Share your inputs.


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Its really important to tell the child what right or wrong has he/she done. Appreciating by the way of clapping, kissing, patting are all the ways to cheer them up and motivate to repeat that good gesture. At the same time, scolding, time-outs, and oral warnings become important if a child commits and repeats mistakes. Although, I have never expressed my daughter that how lucky she is to have caring, loving and comforting environment around but often visited orphanages with her (since she was 2 years) to enable her to realize how lucky she is to have parents and family. Whenever we distribute things/eatables to the under-privileged (may be at temples, roadside), I always ask her to do it and she does it lovingly. I am trying not to express orally, but making her realize that she is fortunate enough to stand at the privileged side. It has also inculcated a sense of sharing in her. She would not deter sharing even her favorite chips, chocolates and toys since she has been brought up realizing the fact that to share what one has received by God’s grace makes her a well mannered girl and mom’s sweet doll.

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