Does your child know he is fortunate enough?


It’s important to guide your child after he commits a mistake, it makes him prudent. Expressing your love for your child is also no less important, it makes him feel confident and safe. However, it’s no lesser important to make your child realize how fortunate he is to have a caring set of parents, loving grandparents, food in plenty and of choice, a home with a room of his own, good health and access to education. How many of us do that and how? Share your inputs.


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Both of us, as parents, keep telling our children on every possible situation.  But, yes, I do understand that actions speak louder than words.  So what we have decided now is to take them to the world of underprivileged.  I recently happened to meet the Secretary of a nearby Sai Baba Trust and had a long discussion to have an insight including as to how we can extend help in person apart from financial aids.   The trust runs a school too apart from other activities like sponsoring child education, feeding the poor on festivals and important occasions, collective marriages etc.  On my request, he assured us that he will let us know the dates when such things happen so that we can take our children and let them do whatever their little hands can.  🙂

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