Does your child know he is fortunate enough?


It’s important to guide your child after he commits a mistake, it makes him prudent. Expressing your love for your child is also no less important, it makes him feel confident and safe. However, it’s no lesser important to make your child realize how fortunate he is to have a caring set of parents, loving grandparents, food in plenty and of choice, a home with a room of his own, good health and access to education. How many of us do that and how? Share your inputs.


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Wrap your child’s old clothes, toys, accessories in front of him or her but dont answer his/her questions like mumma why are you wrapping my favorite t-shirt and then take your child to orphanage and tell him to unwrap his belongings ….After that, I am sure you know what will happen and he/she will understand the real meaning of fortune and will say …When we will come here again ? Or will say mom you know that girl in pink dress took my gogs or will say…….find out yourself what your child will say ?

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