Kids could surprise you with their answers!!


Optimized Ayaan thinkingI was putting my 4-year-old to sleep. This drill usually takes around 30 plus minutes because it has to have two story sessions – one by me and one by him. But it doesn’t stop here. Then, he closes his eyes in installments. First installment is usually of a couple of seconds, next is of a couple of more seconds and he finally sleeps in third or fourth installment. So this was the first installment after the story sessions. He closed his eyes for some seconds, acted to sleep and then opened to tell me “I just saw lightening McQueen in my dream,” where dream here means a passing thought at that moment. Once again he closed eyes, opened soon after and started weeping silently. I asked him the reason and he told that he saw a ‘bad dream.’ Caressing him simultaneously, I insisted him to tell me what he saw but he replied “I’ve torn that page from my brain so how can I tell you what I saw?” I was astonished at the reply and didn’t ask him again.

Kids could be philosophical!!Do you have any such moment to share?


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during sleep cycle REM sleep, followed by non REM sleep.REM sleep is called rapid eye movement sleep,it has mainly dreams, there is eye movement, heart rate varies,respiratory rate also varies and may have expressions.these dreams are usually not remembered. Non REM sleep is deep sleep, it is the time that body and brain is taking rest.REM and non REM sleep cycle continues,initially the duration of REM sleep is more then non REM sleep is more.By the time of near awake REM sleep increases and finally baby is babies even adults do not remember dreams.this is normal pattern.

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