How to reduce cartoon timings of kids?

0 my son watches TV for hours continually.

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Thank you so much…I ll surely take care of these things


Hi Vimmy! this cartoon watching of kids is a serious problem that all the moms face specially in vacations. I think its solution lies in finding its alternative. Kids find cartoons very interesting and engaging. We have to give kids something equally interesting, engaging , yet educative to get involved into. For example,

  1. If a kid likes painting or craft activities he can be given such educational game sets readily available in market.
  2. We can enroll him into sport of his choice or take him to park.
  3. Last but not the least, it’s very important to personally attend kids and play with them. Every kid in this world enjoy playing with his parents or being read a story book by his parents the most.

I think you can try all or any of these suggestions. I am sure they’ll work. Try these and let us know if it helped. If not, will discuss something else. 🙂