What’s the style quotient of your kid?


Kids are innocent. When they are brought in this world they are unaware of its ways and styles. As they grow up they observe their moms and dads styling up. Then they either copy them or come up with any of their original idea. Like Ayaan (4.5) has done the latter. He wanted to look like a hero so he accessorized himself like this. How does your kid like to dress up to stand out?


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My daughter, extremely cautious about her looks (she is just 3.5 years, to be noted), would not allow anybody to choose from her wardrobe, as she is old enough to select her outfit (we have to admit it now that she is no more a small baby). Most importantly when it comes to photography, she becomes extra careful about the style pose which she has to come up with. Only she or God knows where from she has learnt it, as far as I know, she has not been exposed to any of the fashion shows, fashion books etc.