My experiments with Truth by M.K. Gandhi

A Review By: Bhanu Sharma

One usually expects stories of success after a significant amount of struggle from an autobiography, after all it is a chance for the author to boast. But when you read Mahatma Gandhi’s “My
experiments with truth”, you are left completely amazed by the level of honesty the man has put into it. It takes courage, a lot of it, for an international figure such as himself to admit to all the sins that he had committed during his lifetime. This book makes one acquainted with the value of principles. In today’s world of compromise and persuasion, this book can give people some hope and the courage to stand by what they believe in, no matter how adverse the circumstances are. I was not a gandhiwadi, may be I’m still not, but yes the man’s dedication and devotion for his country do inspire you and it becomes easy for you to understand why do we still have his photograph on our currency notes. India hasn’t had a Gandhi since then.

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