When pink refuses to budge…

By NaSa They say I fluctuate, I wobble, which might just get me into trouble. Well, they are right, it does, it ought more often than not. Do I get scared of this emotional ride? Well, I used to. Who will not, when on ...Read More

The Bleeding Shikaras

By Abdul Kuddus Return to spells of peaceful slumbers…. When the lakes kissed the shikaras in numbers. Ears sing to the rhythm of gunshots… As two landmass fight for scenic spots. Corpses litter the ground in white drapes…. And our miseries end as videotapes. ...Read More

A Quick Bite – Children of Earth

By NaSa When you’re a mom, your role in your child’s life doesn’t seem to end anywhere. Moms must have heard and felt that in parts they work as a maid, nurse, teacher, chef, counsellor and what not. But today, I realised what I ...Read More

Women Empowerment

By Vijay Gandhi Women face many social challenges at present, whether it is dealing with domestic issues or with work related issues. A woman tries to secure an income for her family and sometimes, she even raises children amidst the harsh economic crisis. She ...Read More

One of My Most Memorable Journeys

By Vijay Gandhi Just after cross-checking the confirmed train tickets with the chart available at the platform, I was quite happy that finally within few hours I would be at His Majesty’s (Sai Baba’s) place, Shirdi. This was the second time that I was ...Read More