The world is mine…

By Sonam B. Saluja Lost are the smiles On the pretty looking faces And gone are the Eyes with bright shine Everyone is busy Busy exploring new Oldies are holding Only memories as lifeline Still are the bodies With the hearts of rock Bonds ...Read More

Salient message of silent lips….

              By NaSa Tight lips talk. They speak, they say. They say they can’t say, what the heart wants to convey. They say they can’t pique ire, They can’t play havoc. They say they can’t let loose, what ...Read More

The Window: A Thought

By Procheta Banerji Chatterjee There is something about unmaintained things. They have an inexplicable charm that pulls you towards them despite the not-so-attractive surface. Take old buildings, for example. It transports one to times when outer polish did not matter, when things had a ...Read More

Titanic was meant to sink

By NaSa I saw the movie ‘Titanic’ for the first time when I was in school in class XI or XII. I am not sure. I saw Titanic the movie first and then read about it in my English textbook. So, not much about ...Read More

Reel vs. Real Shivay

By NaSa I, Watched Shivay, Today. And the movie makes as much sense as my poetry. Why I watched it? Because being a movie buff I had to. It had been long since I watched a movie at a theater. Generally speaking, currently the ...Read More

Indian Democracy & Diversity

By NaSa India, the world’s largest democracy, has just turned 70. In these 70 years, this democracy has changed beyond recognition from what she was in her baby years. But change in something can only be called constructive one if it doesn’t let its ...Read More