Palaksh’s Views on Teenagers’ Responsibilities During the Lockdown

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We all know that corona is a pandemic disease. The spreading of this disease can be prevented by keeping social distancing. Therefore, our government implemented lock down along with some guidelines to avoid community spread.

Now I am 13 years old so as a teenager I should take the responsibility of maintaining health, hygiene and safety of myself and people around. As of now, I am at home and online classes are going on. Although, there are some problems but considering teachers’ efforts, I am trying to manage those.

At home, I am taking care to wash hands regularly, trying not to touch unwanted items, and sanitizing home items regularly. Earlier, I used to take fast food items like burger, pizza etc. Now, I have stopped it completely considering safety aspects. I even celebrated my birthday On the May 25th 2020 in a simple way. Neither I purchased any new dress nor did I ask for gifts. I decided to provide food to the needy and the poor people on my Birthday.

Nowadays, there is no house cleaner / helper in the home, so I am helping my parents in various ways like, watering the plants, arranging plates, cleaning home etc. In this tough time, so many times we get frustrated and disturbed when we cannot go outside and not able to do things, which we used to enjoy earlier. Still, I try to keep me and my sister engaged. We play indoor games and key board, dance, and sometimes read.

However, to keep elders, specially my father, busy is a big task as his maximum time went out during pre-lockdown. So, my sister and I try to keep my father busy with us. What all I read about corona, I concluded that breathing exercise is must to keep our lungs healthy. In the evening time, I try to do yoga and some other interesting exercises with my family so that parents feel delighted and we all develop our immunity.

Whenever I go out, I put mask, gloves and sanitizer. I keep a note to maintain social distance of 6 feet with other persons. We have taken due care of our grandparents, as they are more vulnerable and susceptible to COVID. I also try to make people aware by imparting knowledge of this disease, support needy people, make people aware about the Government guidelines. I also take care of domestic animals in our society by feeding them regularly. In all these ways, I try to play my role and responsibilities.

The lockdown brought new experiences in my life. I realized that a small virus derails the complete economy of the world and that when everybody was at home, nature recovered itself its beauty was at its peak. However, this tough time also taught me that we should stand with each other.

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