I am a 28 year old married woman…

I am a 28 year old married woman. Priya and I have been best friends since we’re 4, right from kindergarten till higher secondary. After school, we got admissions in different colleges and we opted for different fields of study so we couldn’t meet daily but we still managed to meet in every 7-10 days. Then we got married. Though both of us have love marriages but her in laws are conservative and mine are progressive. Now we would hardly talk on phone let alone meeting. I don’t want to sound mean but now when we talk I feel I can’t connect with her as much as I used to before marriage. And whenever we talk, she only talks about how much she goes through on daily basis. Whereas, I’ve got different circles of friends and my relatives and in laws are modern too. So I always have talks regarding my future plans, my dreams and fun times. But when she talks about her tough life I don’t feel like sounding all happy and content. I rather listen to her patiently and empathetically. This is the reason I feel disconnected. Because we don’t really talk, it’s one way kind of a thing. I just listen to her all the time and that too about the same issue. Am I being mean?

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