I am a 34 year old, married man with…

I am a 34 year old, married man with a handsome monthly income. I’ve a four-year-old son and I am happy and content in life. I’ve a cousin who’s just my age and we grew up together in ordinary families in a remote colony. I progressed in life have my own home in a posh society have a comfortable, if not very luxurious, life. But he is where he was two decades ago. He didn’t study well, have become an alcohol addict too. He is a property dealer but because of the slowdown in the sector has not been earning well. I tried to get him a job but he didn’t want to do a job. As it is he’s not very qualified to take up most of the jobs because of being less educated. Now, I feel like helping him with some cash or a vehicle but my wife disagrees. Actually, she’s not entirely wrong as I’ve some loans to repay. Though my salary is good but most of it goes in repaying loans including home loans and personal loans. She says first we should come at par and have some savings, then should help someone. But many a times I’ve helped my cousin secretly from my wife also. Am I doing right?

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