Rain Rain go away….


by NaSa

You’ve a group of friends probably a decade old or more. In July, you all meet at a party and decide that there’ll be a family kitty starting from August. You personally propose that first such kitty could happen at your place and everyone agrees. Around 15 days before the event, you suggest that it would be even more fun if the get together could be merged with the Independence Day celebrations that’s kite flying and other games in the evening followed by dinner at night. And again all agree. You get all excited since you’ve always yearned for hosting a terrace party and this is your chance to do that for the first time.

At least a week before, you remind everyone for the party and make list of items needed and think of games that could be the most easy and fun. Just 3-4 before the event, you start making arrangements for kites, enquire with a tent house for sitting arrangements, make arrangements for fancy lights, make arrangements for the games and stuff like that. Just a day before the event, you remind everyone again.

The day comes, and you are all the more thrilled and ready stuff that you want to hang or stick on your roof walls for decoration purpose since you want to make this party scene as close to the visual that you’ve always had for a terrace party. Your kid asks, “when will we fly kites?” You tell him that some guests are coming in the evening and then we all will fly kites and have a lot of fun. You ask your maid to stay till evening with you since she’s not a full-time maid.

Party is scheduled at 5. At 1:30 it starts to drizzle and eventually downpour. There are still more than 3 hours to go, you keep your fingers crossed and be hopeful about the scene. When at even 4:30 the rain doesn’t stop, you message in the WhatsApp group of your friends and ask them if we could postpone it for a day because it’s just a Saturday and we could still make it on Sunday since you don’t want all your efforts go wasted. Needless to say by now you are emotionally involved too or may you always were from day 1.

The discussion in the WhatsApp group goes like:

You: Guys, can we postpone the party for tomorrow? Everything else will remain the same just the day changes.

Friend 1: is party still on?

You: We’ve made all the arrangements for kites, games and snacks and everything but since it’s raining it won’t be possible today, can we postpone it for tomorrow?

Friend 2: What if tomorrow also it rains.

Friend 3: If not tomorrow, then next Saturday J. I can’t come. Have fever today.

You: Arey c’mon. In that case, what if an earthquake strikes tomorrow? Arey we’ve to be hopeful. Otherwise will think of something else.

Friend 4. Arey today the weather is suitable for ‘drinking’.

You: Yeah but we can’t enjoy games and kite flying.

Friend 5: What if don’t do it on terrace? Make it for inside the house. Else, you can all come at my place. We’ll have a drink or two.

You: As majority decides.

And all the friends give thumbs up. The party happens and you don’t go. The friend who’s now the new host calls you once and you don’t take his call. And after that no one calls. They party and post pictures on your WhatsApp group.

Your son asks ,”aj hamare ghar guests kyun nai aaye?”

You reply, “Rain aayi na isiliye.”

Your son says ‘Mama, Rain ko bolo go away. Hamari rhyme bhi hai.’

Many lessons learnt.

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