By Garima Jham

What is self-motivation? In simple words, it is an internal drive that helps us to achieve goals and continually gives us the strength to learn and grow without any external support, especially support from other people. It is quite easy to plan what one wants to achieve, but the main factor behind achieving that goal is putting maximum efforts in spite of facing unexpected hurdles. Self-motivation is a skill that stems from positive attitude, self-confidence and self-management. When you’re motivated to do something you don’t need someone to force you. If you are really focused in life you should never give up your dreams because if you do your best, you will not have to worry about failures. Have courage to hold on even if the signs are against you. It is important to identify motivators. A motivator can be an inner desire, for example solving puzzles because one finds it interesting and exciting, a motivator can also be outside one’s desire, for example a person might be motivated to do a job he dislikes because he wants money. Now, after identifying motivators you should keep reminding yourself of them constantly and keep yourself moving.

How to motivate self?

  • Have a goal –A goal is the route to success. Success is just the matter of having a distinct  aim and pulling the trigger from time to time to achieve it. Goals can be achieved through plans in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act.The idea of self-motivation   is constantly giving  yourself something to work towards i.e. having an endless chain of goals .These goals can be anything like academic goals, monetary goals, career goals provided these are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timed and it’s always better to break goals in smaller parts.
  • Be positive– Negative thinking and failure go hand in hand. Discontent and frustration exist only in the mind.For motivating self it is essential to banish all negative thoughts like –“ I can never do this” or ” Life has nothing more for me “.Empower yourself with good thoughts to keep yourself motivated.Thinking positive about oneself, i.e. having faith in one’s ability and self- confidence is  of  utmost importance .Positivity keeps us strong in challenging situations   .It is better to stay away from negative people who demotivate you and get rid of negative influences around you and make efforts to find  positivity even in dire circumstances . Be positive to yourself and others around you by appreciating qualities of others and remember – your life is what your thoughts make it!
  • Self analysis – In this stressful life we hardly find quality time to analyze what we actually want.We forget that life is all about growing and exploring ourselves each day. We need time to relax, think and examine our own thoughts and feelings. We can do this by seeking answers to questions like –“what do I want in life” or” what gives me happiness”.Every Individual’s strength and weaknesses differ and evaluating them is imperative. Self-motivation comes from personal development one should constantly focus on improving overall quality of life.
  • Utilize your time– “time lost is money lost “, so don’t waste your time in doing things that are wasteful and unimportant and instead indulge in activities that are beneficial for you and discover the value of life. The simplest way is by preparing a daily timetable and listing down the things that you want to do each hour of the day.Also pen down plans for the entire week or month. Another step is to find out the most productive time of the day for you.There are  some people who deliver the best during early morning and some during late night, so prioritize your activities that way.Also  take small breaks between your work  as breaks keep you active and relaxed.
  • Accept failure -Discontentment is obvious when one encounters failure if life, but there’s always a lot more to explore and discover only if we accept failure as normal part of living as each failure comes with some learning. We can stick to your targets without giving up if we really have zeal to succeed. Even if there’s a little hope of success you should chance your arm if you have trust in yourself . Failures are not the ones who try and fail rather those who even fail to try.


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