Story for web

Story for web

The first episode opens with Rawab getting down from a car with his parents and wife. They all seem a well bonded family. It’s a book launch session. Rawab gets a call from an aged man. He’s apologizing. Rawab says, “dad, aapko really lagta hai ab iske koi mayne hain. Aapko kisi cheez ki zarurat jo toh bataiega but abhi mujhe Jaana hai. Kuch zaruri hai.

Rawab sitting in the award function where he’s receiving an award for the new book that he’s authored. The anchor of the program is speaking. Meanwhile Rawab gets transported to the flashback where he recited a poem written by Tanya (Rawab’s mother). In the flashback the teacher calls up his name to get the first prize. The flashback sequence is broken when he’s called up on stage to get the prize.

He gets receive the prize and goes to the dias. He thank everyone and says he dedicates it to the real author of the book, his mother Tanya. Roohani and Aadil sitting in front of him. Everyone’s surprised cz he himself is the author. He says it’s not his book. It’s a compilation of a letters by his now dead mom.

He explains saying ‘ I know you must be surprised and shocked. But my mom Tanya Mattoo died long back. Since then m with Roohani and Aadil and I can’t thank them enough in this lifetime. ‘

Rawab explains. ‘Apke liye ye kahani rishton ka circus ho sakta hai, but mere liye
toh yahi mera sach hai. Aur ek sach aur bhi hai ki meri mom aj bhi mere saath hi hain….

The episode ends with the flashback of Rawab and Seerat cycling without holding handles. Their back is shown.

Episode 2

The episode opens with an argument going on between Tanya and Mayank, her husband, RAWAB’s father over the family function, which is going on in the house. Tanya is an editor at a publishing house. It’s an important day at her office. There’s a client visit in the office and her boss has asked her to take the lead, welcome the client and conduct the meeting. If she misses it this time, the opportunity will go to her rival and she’ll lose the opportunity.

But back home, it’s Mayank’s brother’s reception tomorrow. He wants Tanya to attend it. He doesn’t want to listen any argument. He says her to leave the job if need be cz he earns 3 times more than Tanya and he’s the breadwinner. Tanya tries to make him understand. But Mayank being egoistic doesn’t want to listen anything. The fight escalates. They both shout at each other and go out of the room.

Mayank’s friend Sandy look at his face and he understands something has happened. He says husband wife mein ye hota rehta hai. Mayank says, kuch nai yaar, bas ye naukri jhagde k wajah hai. Sandy replies/taunts, naukri nahi, naukri wali. Ek baat toh hai, no matter kitna bhi koi progressive ho, but jab ek couple ka common goal, ek bacha nai hota, vo tab tak jhagadte hi rehte hain. Mayank thinks about it. Sandy carries on with his drink. And then normal celebrations scenes continue showing people and hustle bustle at the house.

Next is the night scene where Mayank wants to make out, but Tanya doesn’t because they had an argument and also cz she wants to work on the presentation for tomorrow..Mayank caresses her and kind of drags her to bed. She has to succumb. She thinks she’ll get up and do it after they are done making out. But she, being tired too falls asleep.

Next day in the office, her rival gets the opportunity to face the client. She feels terribly sad. On the way, she talks to her best friend Ruhani. She pours her heart out. Ruhani patiently listens to her and suggests how she should have said a no to Mayank last night. (She shares her relationship with her husband, which is based on Mutual respect. Ruhani had recently shifted to Singapore with her husband cz she found a good opportunity as an editor there. Her husband too shifted there. Both of them have corporate jobs there.)

Tanya returns home and prepares dinner. Mayank too comes back within a few minutes. He’s at phone doing a conference call. After a few moments he’s shown changing clothes and relaxing listening to the music. Tanya calls him for the dinner. They both are at the dinner table. Tanya’s upset. Mayank asks and consoles her to be okay, saying she’ll get more opportunities.

A few days pass. Then, Tanya is shown going to office in her car. She gets a call for a better job with higher salary, and better position. She keenly fixes an interview date. But right on the morning of interview, she pukes in the morning. Mayank sees her, gets worried and calls a doctor. Doc says all well and ask her to check for pregnancy. She ends up being pregnant. She suggests if she aborts the pregnancy cz she ain’t ready as yet. Mayank gets infuriated. He once again reminds her how her job is secondary. She talks to her mother. Her mother too tries to convince her that she keeps the baby. That’s more important than the job. She calls Ruhani. Ruhani suggests that Tanya listens to her heart and should only keep the baby if she’s ready. Next, Tanya’s seen writing a diary in her laptop. She ends up declining the new job opportunity and decides to keep the baby under the societal pressure and guilt associated with abortion. She is then shown deleting the contact of the HR woman who contacted her for better opportunity.

Episode 3

Tanya delivers through C section. She’s in the hospital. Just gains consciousness. Everyone congratulates her. Family is happy. She looks at the baby blankly. Doesn’t feel any emotion. After a couple if days baby gets sick and is admitted in NICU. She has to express milk and give it to nurse. It’s then Tanya watches the baby in lying naked in incubator that she connects with the baby. (Rawab)

A musical (song)sequence is shown Tanya raising the baby single handedly. Mayank is least involved. He’s busy with his office and tours. Tanya 0plays with the baby. Takes his pictures. Talks to him about how she feels as if talking to an adult . Watches KBC with him. Dances for him, jumps on the bed, plays ring-a-ringa roses. And does a lot of stuff where she plays with him just like anyone of his age. It is shown in this sequence baby is now 8 years old. She goes swimming with him. This sequence concludes with the same scene in the first episode where these two are riding bikes not holding handles. Their front is shown this time.

They come back home and both have Maggie watching a movie.

Further in this episode it’s shown how uniquely she gets Rawab to do stuff like studying, getting any other task done. She does it by cracking deals. Because children throw tantrums and instead of scolding him, she plays smartly and cracks deals or does toss.

All this while Mayank is shown having minimal involvement. He’s into life the way he was just before the baby.

Meanwhile Tanya is shown trying for home based jobs. But she’s shown failing at every project deadline because she’s too involved and hands on with Rawab.

The episode ends with his wfh employer calling her and taking away the project from her. It’s not the first time it has happened. It’s shown that she had been trying but had not been able to work cz of lack of support. Her husband and parents are of the mindset that a mom should personally take care of the kid and that no nanny should be hired. There had been so much burden of guilt surrounded with the thought of her joining the work back full time. So she could never put the foot down to work.

She’s shown a little sad with a tear in her eye and writing a diary. Just then Mayank enters. She closes the laptop, wipes the tears and sleep. She expects Mayank to notice her sadness. But he doesn’t and rather excuses himself saying he had a tough day.

Episode 4

This episode opens up with Tanya and Rawab dancing together on a song. The song ends and Rawab asks for maggi and then they both have maggi together. After that, Tanya asks Rawab to study and she starts doing her exercises. Within a few minutes, Ruhani calls up and they have a long, fun chat. She tells her she’s opened an online retail site for kids stuff. And they talk at length. Simultaneously, Tanya opens up her laptop. She wants to access her mail account and she sees that Mayank’s Gmail too is opened there.She wants to close it but she accidentally refreshes it and suddenly Sam’s message pops up. It says love,love love and there’s an attachment on there. She sees it’s of Mayank and Sam. She’s shocked to the core. Meanwhile Ruhani keeps on speaking. Tanya’s entire focus is on the pic and she tells Ruhani to call later stating there’s something urgent.

She started feeling a little dizzy. Have water. Right here some sequences pop up where Mayank’s disinterest in making out and sudden spike in frequency of business trips.

Rawab comes in and asks the meaning of ‘deceit’. She explains to her….and carries on normally.

Mayank comes home the next day. Everything continues normally. She takes Mayank’s car to market the next day. Searches it thoroughly and finds a torn bill of the hotel where he stayed with Sam.

She recalls all the conversations she had once with her friend Ruhani about her neighbor. Once her neighbor messaged her and showed interest in her. She had discussed it with Ruhani as to how men have affairs outside. Noone is satisfied with their married life. They marry just to have a family but want to have fun outside. They pity their wives who think their husband’s are loyal. Such conversation happened.

(Tanya is an attractive lady. She always used to have men hitting on her but she had always ignored like a good, dutiful wife, a woman with focus on earlier career and later family)

Towards the end of the episode, she gets a call from her friend Ruhani. Now she’s talking on phone and drives. Here a small collision happens. Her car is hit with another vehicle.

Episode 5

It starts with the accident scene. The sequence is that it wasn’t Tanya’s fault. The scooty right before hers applies breaks. She has to also apply sudden break to save the hit..and bike behind her also hit her car. Not a big damage to anyone but a scene is created and a police comes in to interfere. Everything settles, the scooty driver agrees to pay for the damage but since it’s a Sunday there are no mechanics.

Now the police officer turns out to be Tanya’s school friend, Uday. They both talk about their present lives. He says he too is married, but divorced. He doesn’t have a kid. He tells Tanya how she had been his crush. He wanted to marry her but came to know about his then boyfriend Mayank and how she wanted to marry Mayank. She he backed out. They both disperse. On the way back, she goes for an MRI for she had been feeling headaches and dizziness occasionally. There’s a scene with a doc who talks to her and asks what exactly is the problem. She gets the MRI done. The doc says she’ll get the report soon.

She comes back. Mayank is at home. Upon looking at Tanya, he keeps the phone aside. Rawab is in the room playing with the phone. Tanya asks him to keep the phone aside and rather play something else. He goes in the lawn and notices the car damage. Comes inside and tells Mayank. Mayank reacts with a little anger and asks Tanya to drive properly. He doesn’t ask if she’s okay.

She goes to the bathroom without saying anything and cries silently. Just then the flashback comes where she is jokingly talking with her friend Ruhani about how women shouldn’t cry there husband is untruthful. How they should be strong enough to give them the taste of their own medicine. (The flashback ends here.)

When she comes out, Rawab says ‘mama ki eyes choti ho gayi’ (since she cried ). Mayank is there too, but busy on his phone, doesn’t pay heed. Rawab goes to Mayank to play cricket with him but he refuses saying he’s busy.

Tanya picks up the bat and says she’ll play. They both go out and play. First Rawab bats then tanya. Tanya plays a shot where their glass window breaks and the ball hits Mayank’s phone. He was chatting with Sam.

The episode ends here.

Episode 6

The episode opens with Uday calling Tanya. He checks her well being and asks her to bring the car to this mechanic. She is at her place. Mayank is getting ready for office and Rawab’s getting ready for school. Tanya asks Mayank to take the other car. He agrees and drops Rawab to school. Ruhani calls up Tanya. She tells her about Mayank’s affair. (The conversation happens in the car) Ruhani isn’t amazed. She asks Tanya to be strong and asks her to check if that’s a fling or a serious affair cz her future depends on it. Tanya says she’s not interested in knowing that. (A deep conversation happens between Tanya and Ruhani. It’s the essence of the program. Dialogues need to be strong, hard hitting and trend changing)

Tanya takes the car to Uday..they park the car for repair and sit at a cafe. (A relationship begins to develop). They talk about past and present. Uday admits that she had been her crush. He says he even attempted IAS and had thought to ask for her hand but he failed the exam and failed to get her hand. He expresses that now he’s happy that at least Tanya married the love of her life and that now she’s in safe and caring hands. She smiles and change the topic and they talk some more. Mechanic calls Uday that the car is done. Uday conveys this to Tanya. They both exchange numbers and proceed.

She picks Rawab from school and comes back home. Both have fun talks in car. After coming back she feeds Rawab
And starts writing a diary.

She prepares special food for evening. Mayank comes back in the evening. They all have food together. Rawab and Tanya talk. Mayank is shown less involved, busy in phone. After food Tanya asks Rawav to go inside and tells Mayank she wants to talk to him.

He’s clueless. He says fine. Rawab does go inside. But keeps his ears on the talks. Tanya tells Mayank that she knows about him and Sam. He first tries to deny. But when Tanya presents proofs, he has to admit.

The episode ends in Mayank apologizing. And messaging Sam that Tanya knows about them.

Episode 7

This episode opens with Mayank leaving home for work with guilt in his eyes. A few days he doesn’t call Sam. But then he calls her again just check with her. Sam is an unmarried intern working in her office. And she tells him that she thinks she should move elsewhere. A few days continue with Mayank being apologetic.

It’s around a month after the event he tries to make out. Tanya is disinterested. (There’s a flashback sequence of how mad Mayank was for Tanya. She used to be this bubbly, full of life, tomboyish girl who used to live life on her terms. Mayank used to be around her all the time.) She expects Mayank to be gentle with her and soft in his words and try again for her. But
Mayank gets furious and annoyed. His ego hurts Nd he says it’s not that big a deal and he’s apologized enough. He says that now she’s his wife and not a girl friend. She must understand and let it go. Things change after marriage.

Rawab gets up listening the argument.

Tanya walks away without saying anything. She calms down Rawab and sleeps with him. Once he falls asleep she writes the diary.

Next day she gets up, she again feels dizzy. She decides to get a good diet. She make changes in her and Rawab’s diet. She goes cycling with him. Plays with Rawab and Mayank. She totally ignores Mayank. Mayank too being egoistic, doesn’t pay heed. Rawab notices the coldness between his parents.

Now Rawab and Mayank are playing, Tanya gets inside to get the cookies Rawab asks for. She comes inside. Her phone rings. Her mother calls up. She mentions that her father died. Tanya faints. Mayank comes running. Sees Tanya lying there. He takes up the phone gets to know of her father’s demise. He thinks Tanya fainted cz of the news. In a few moments she regains consciousness. She checks her phone. The report says she has a brain tumor. She can’t discuss this with anyone.

She feels detached with every thing. She feels lonely. Her father died, husband changed and she is dying.

It’s the scene of her father’s funeral. Roohani comes to India to be with her.They talk at length. Get emotional. She also asks her to take care of Rawab in case of any mishap. After hanging up the phone, Roohani is shown crying, but Tanya is expression less.

Episode 8

Mayank is shown talking to his friend Sandy about whatever happened between him and Tanya. He is unapologetic saying it happens with men. He apologized as well but Tanya doesn’t respond. Sandy seconds him and suggests ignore for sometime she’ll be fine. May be she needs sometime.

Next day Tanya tells Mayank that she wants to reveal something, that once when he was on a trip, she made out with Uday. She was drunk and hurt cz of his affair so it happened accidentally. And that she’s very sorry and that let’s even things out and start afresh.

Mayank is extremely angry. His ego hurts. He remains aloof for a few days. After a few days she tells Tanya that he can’t ever be normal with him. Their relationship will normalize cz he can’t ever take this thought out of his mind that she made out with someone. He says he wants to divorce her. And leaves.

Tanya smiles. (She did it to check his reaction. She wanted to give him a chance. All this while he had been expecting her to forgive him. But when she came up with a story he didn’t have a any proof, didn’t even want any discussion. )

Next day, she tells Mayank she wants to go to Singapore with Rawab to meet Roohani. He just asks when is she coming back as they need to take the divorce proceedings ahead. She says she will come soon. She comes to India. They both get the divorce done. She says Rawab will stay with her and he can meet her when he wants. This time, She takes her mother along.

Still she doesn’t tell Mayank about her ailment.

Her mother, Roohani, Aadil and Rawab live together like family. Aadil has been an orphan so he likes Tanya’s mother being there. They both bring up Rawab like their own child. Tanya goes to hospital for treatment.

Episode 9

The episode opens with a happy hospital room where Rawab is there playing cards with Tanya.

Tanya has made friends there. There are all tumor patients who have got very less time with themselves. They all decide that they’ll live their lives to the fullest till the time they’re alive. In this episode they’ll all do fun stuff in the hospital. They have redesigned their ward as if it’s not any hospital.

It’s Tanya’s birthday. She cries in the bathroom. A monologue happens there, where she expresses she wants to live and do so much. Her hidden desires surface. But she soon gains control of her emotions and comes out.

Everyone’s cheerful, they click pics.

In the next scene Tanya is shown dying. She asks Rawab to be strong and that she’ll meet her in the next life. He might not have one mother, but she’s got another mother and his grandmother. There’s nothing to feel sad about and gifts him her diary. She hands over a note to Roohani. She thank her and gives the details of her property and accounts. Rawab grows up he publishes these letters as a book. The book is a hit.

The scene comes back to the beginning where RAWAB’s shown delivering an excerpt. Strong dialogues are needed where it’s explained that you can’t predict life, you don’t know how tomorrow will shape up and and how your relationship is with the closest person you have. About the relationship between a man and a wife.

Roohani and her husband are clapping. So is everyone in the hall. Everyone has tears in eyes.

Back in India, Mayank too is shown crying as he’s just finished reading the book. The book is placed at the side table where there is a picture of him, Tanya, and Rawab. He’s all alone.

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