The Bitchy Night…


By NaSa

This night still scares me.
Not with its darkness no way,
but with the period that it puts against the day.

It doesn’t scare me no more with nightmares.
But it does with my unfulfilled prayers.

It is in its silence that my loneliness shouts the most.
It is in its blackness that my desolation shines the most.

It brings along distrust and unrest.
It instills in me the fear of losing what’s close to me,
Of denying what’s dose to me.

When all the show of strength I had
during the day, I portray,
is now gone.
I need a hand to hold on,
a shoulder to lean on.
a relation to bank on.
But this bitchy night have for me
only illusion.

I hate this night.
it reminds me I am still a feeble human
and I’ll have to alone keep moving on…

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