The Game of Words!


By NaSa

If you observe little children closely, you’ll realize they have more to offer in terms of philosophy and life than books. They live simple. They live real. Because they don’t yet know what’s unreal. One such observation made me come up with this poem (is it?), or so I choose to call this because I don’t know how else or in what other form of writing I can express it.

I saw two children getting into a verbal fight with each other. They said whatever their tongues could possibly say by twisting and twirling at all possible angles. Sometimes they knew the meanings of the words they were uttering and in what context those words could be used. But most of the times they didn’t know that. What they got out of that was happiness. And that’s what, generally, children’s most of the actions are directed towards – being happy!

“Words o dears,

you inky beings!

That’s what you are to me.

I see you here and there

I hear you all around.

You make me happy,

you make me sad,

you give me confidence,

you leave me baffled.

I like you the best,

when you back me than my friend

in a verbal fight test.

I tease him saying he is a ‘bike.’

He retorts, ‘You are a mike.’

And we go on.

I win when I am not at loss of you.

But sometimes,

you make him win.

That’s not fair!

But fair has a fare,

fair is nowhere,

I realise it,

with every increasing candle in my birthday cake.

And I celebrate,

my win or my chum’s.

After all, he celebrates

when I win.

For us, happiness is fun.

Happiness wins over win.

You teach me this,

even when I don’t know what you mean.

I only know,

when I utter you, you make me and my friend happy

And we both cheer.

You are what our thoughts would speak like,

what our imagination would sound like.

We like your sound,

we like your effect,

we like you wrong,

we like you correct.

We love that you’re playable,

We know that you’re mighty,

o dear inky beings!


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