The Glass Half Filled…


by NaSa

These days more and more kids are turning cell-phone addicts. And why wouldn’t they be? After all, we all know how good mimics kids are. And obviously, they’ll follow their elders, be it parents, siblings or these days even grandparents. All of us are so much into cell phones that if one particular day we forget to carry out cell phones we feel that we are marooned on a distant island. May be all of us do not exactly feel the same but I can definitely tell that about myself. I went for a movie sometime back with my husband and forgot to carry my cell phone along. I realised it on my way to the movie and my humor remained disturbed all through. Though, we had my husband’s phone with us so the option of what-will-we-do-in-case-of-an-emergency was ruled out. You know how well we take this plea to veil our cell-phone addiction and curb our guilt that we are no different than others in this respect, also.

So why should my son lag behind me? I generally, hand over my phone to him whenever I’ve to make him eat and have milk. So that counts up to three times a day for a span of around 15 minutes each time. You know putting this as a rule became essential for me for two reasons. One, blame it on the age or whatever but my son is one of those four-year-old who have this compelling syndrome of jumping and running in every 30 seconds so practically it becomes almost impossible for me to make him eat unless he sits down for 10-15 minutes, which happens only if I handover my phone to him. These smart phones have this magical spell that they cast on us; as soon as we switch it on we get glued to it. Two, by doing so I regulate the time of my son’s cell phone usage. And it sends him a strong and strict message that he is not going to get the phone but for these given times because in any case kids these days spend time on phones, I –pads also because most of parents too want their kids to be well ahead of the trend.

It was one those breakfast-with-cell-phone-games session for my kid. He generally plays the puzzles and educational games that I’ve downloaded for him and apart from that he is now well-trained in “Subway Surfer,” “Car racing” and a game called “Aeroplane Parking 3D”. By the way, he’s an aeroplane, helicopter freak. He always wants aeroplanes and helicopters as gifts, freaks out a mere sight of an aeroplane in the sky, always have stories of aeroplanes to tell and loves the Akshay Kumar starrer movie “Baby” because it has that climax scene shot in and featuring aeroplane. So that time he was playing that Aeroplane game. His first attempt, on that particular day, got him “three stars,” which quite obviously make him elated. Second attempt on the same game at the same level got him “two stars.” He started playing again and this time when the game ended, he was even happier and said “Mama, see what I’ve got this time? I’ve got ‘7 alphabets’. This statement even made me interested to look at his screen to as to what those ‘7 alphabets’ were. And when I saw them I laughed out loud and later pondered what a wonderful outlook kids like him have got.

The screen was displaying “CRASHED” J

Didn’t we get a perfect example of ‘the glass is half filled?’ We read the text as crashed and we know it means he lost but for him it’s those crowned 7 alphabets that he got because he did it so well.


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