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By NaSa

When you’re a mom, your role in your child’s life doesn’t seem to end anywhere. Moms must have heard and felt that in parts they work as a maid, nurse, teacher, chef, counsellor and what not. But today, I realised what I never realised before, which is moms are scientists too for the simple reason that they have to devise new means to motivate their children and impart new concepts.

Like yesterday, I told my going-to-be-six-soon son that now on he has to earn what he wants through his good behaviour and obedience. What made me say it to him was his demand of a small, portable speaker that could be connected with mobile phones so that he could listen to his favourite song ‘Besabriyan’ from the movie Dhoni. The existing home theatre just didn’t seem to fit the bill. No, my son hasn’t either heard of the book ‘Small is Beautiful,’ but he definitely seemed to be impressed with the smallness of things, specially the one in question – a speaker. Now don’t ask where the demand erupted from because tracing its origin might not just let this write up remain bite sized.

Moving ahead. So I told my son you’ll get a star daily for one good deed and/or as many times you exhibit good conduct. And when you’ve 30 of such stars you’ll get this speaker. He agreed and ‘seemed’ dedicated to work his way towards the ‘stars money’. The conversation happened in the afternoon.

In the evening, my son went out to play with his friends but before that asked for a chocolate coin that comes wrapped in a golden paper. And let me tell you I always keep a stock of those at home because those gold chocolate coins are no lesser than real gold. In lieu of that nip of chocolate, you can get multiple yeses for otherwise difficult conditions. Like this time, I got a yes for ‘kaddu ki sabzi.’ Didn’t I tell ya they are precious?

So I got a yes and Ayaan got a coin, he went out to play and I checked social media, he got happy and I didn’t. I saw this video and it made me wonder I would so love to see the kids give us a tough time for a chocolate, or an ice cream or a toy or a mischief than plead the world for peace!
Let them survive, let them thrive!

Here’s the link to the video I saw.


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