The world is mine…


By Sonam B. Saluja

Lost are the smiles
On the pretty looking faces
And gone are the
Eyes with bright shine

Everyone is busy
Busy exploring new
Oldies are holding
Only memories as lifeline

Still are the bodies
With the hearts of rock
Bonds are brutally murdered
Everyday at ‘prime time’.

Strapped are the swatches
On every branded wrist
Yet late every time
We are for family dine.

Now smiles and hearts
We send only on Facebook
On the faces of flesh,
We are hardly sublime

Hey,  halt for a moment
And gently look around
Real humans are waiting
Show’em some love sign

No,  we were never strangers
We knew each other well,
But in the busyness of you,
I am left a little behind.

When I looked around myself,
I found no one closeby,
Didn’t you promise,  you’ll be here?
Oh dear friend of mine.

Whichever way people react
To my actions to connect,
Every time I meet you mate,
I would tightly entwine.

Success we can’t savour
Alone sitting in the Benz,
Let’s share with our people and
Feel on cloud number nine.

Don’t just conquer the world,
Aim to win the hearts too.
Then truly you too can say
“The world is mine

  1. January 20, 2017
  2. January 20, 2017

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