When pink refuses to budge…

Pink drop

By NaSa

They say I fluctuate, I wobble,
which might just get me into trouble.
Well, they are right, it does, it ought
more often than not.

Do I get scared of this emotional ride?
Well, I used to.
Who will not, when on an accidental, high slide?
Hard or casual, I gave it a try,
not to make fad this unremitting soul fry.

A try is all you want,
to turn a tightrope walk into a jaunt.
Days more than two or three,
passed by without a binge or a spree.
Seemed I attained equipoise.
No frenzy. No noise.

There it appears again
the word I hate – But.
It was supposed to go away
for peace doesn’t give it way.

Still it was there!
Made me wonder,
how my emotional roller coaster was better
if this ‘but’ has to be there.
For when I am high, I gain herds,
when I am low I gain words.
There’s nothing really to lose
As long as I am able to paint pink, my blues .

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  1. June 27, 2017

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