Winning entry by Aniruddha Aloke in the age group 13-15

Aniruddha AlokeMy Role and Responsibilities During Lockdown…

Since March of 2020, our nation is facing a massive crisis and each citizen has a duty to play. Covid-19 cases have been growing daily. Our Prime Minister declared lockdown on 24th March. Since then, my family and I have largely been confined to our house. After a Covid-19 case was found in our society, we followed the whole day curfew for two weeks. This is everyone’s responsibility – including the children- to control the temptation to go outside. Whenever we go out, we should wear masks. We should not complain about missing restaurant food or cinema. There are migrant workers who have nothing to eat, whom we should reach out to help. The most precious thing is life. If you put yourself at risk, you are also risking the safety of your loved ones. On the contrary, if we all fulfill our responsibilities, then India will soon win this war.

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