Winning entry by Namya Malhotra in the age group 13-15


My Role and Responsibilities During Lockdown…

Today the whole world is suffering from Covid – 19 pandemic. So, in this hour of pain my important role is to serve my family, especially my mother because she is the only one who has always provided her selfless service to family members without expecting anything for herself. Secondly, as a youth of our nation my most important duty is to follow in every aspect the guidelines given by our respected Prime Minister and tell others also to follow the same. My yet another important role is to spend more and more time with my grandparents, hearing their interesting stories and incidents, and thereby making new memories. As a student, my first responsibility is to work hard and continue my studies with sincerity. My responsibility as a nature lover is to plant new trees so that we may get benefits from them in future. My crucial role is to pray to almighty everyday to heal our world and to keep us and our families safe and sound in this time of crisis. My responsibility as the future of this nation is to treat everyone with love and care, end all sort of social problems and make this world a better place for future.

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