Winning entry by Shrestha Sharma in the age group 9-12

Shrestha SharmaThe place I would visit after the Corona crisis.

We all wish everyday that the deadly virus is gone and once it is, I would like to visit some places to see how the lockdown has affected mother nature. Firstly, I will go to the banks of river Ganga to enjoy the feel of Ganga’s pure water. The lockdown has definitely given the river enough time to recover from the disease – Pollution. I will love to meditate in the spirituality around the river which makes it a sacred river and an attraction for many travelers. Next, I will like to go to Matheran, an evergreen hill station that has a pleasant climate throughout the year. I will love to visit it when the monsoon has just retreated and the temperature is cool and perfect for sightseeing. And these are the places I will like to visit past lockdown.

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  1. August 6, 2020

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